Casey Grenier is an interdisciplinary artist and traveler based in the United States. Her photography blog showcasing the beauty of Guyana was featured on The Margaret Clemons Foundation website. Her Kickstarter Campaign video for Atlantic Saltworks raised over $25,000 to grow their production and they went on to successfully sell their startup. Her dog Coco is often referred to as "such a good girl" and has even inspired people to foster their own shelter dogs. And she can fry your breakfast eggs exactly how you want them.

She's also passionate about ecological sustainability, ethical food, and global social justice. She wants to work with people who are an idealist who truly believe the world can become a better place for everyone.

Hire her for your next social media campaign, to share and sell your amazing specialty product around America, put her on assignment for a photo-essay to compliment your newest research, or other project!



I'm a pretty serious over-sharer, so here's a bit more about me:

The past year of my life has been all about self-exploration and growth! Last summer, I took my love of travel and photography on the road, connecting myself with the beauty of nature, and with passionate people all across America. Follow me and my dog on Instagram. That independent travel hooked me up with Pure7 Chocolate, who sent me back on the road in January, from NYC to NoLa, to sell their honey-sweetened chocolate across Eastern US. I then landed back at home in Holyoke, staying on with Pure7, and finding my flow back in my home studio, where I create dot-work illustrations as the Mandala Goddess.

I'm a third generation photographer, taking up my family’s torch with a camera in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. My Grandfather started a portrait photography studio in Western Massachusetts, claiming to be the first person to bring color film to the area. He grew the studio until he assigned my Dad and his three brothers to take over the family business. I started "working" as a photo assistant when I was very young, setting up lighting and props, and got paid in Happy Meals or Skittles. As soon as I could get a worker's permit at age 14, I started to learn what I now know as my foundations of the importance of a healthy work-drive, honest business relationships and processes, and exceptional customer service.

On the other side of my family, my Mother confessed she "could not even draw a stick figure," but wholeheartedly signed me up for extra art classes, trips, and learning opportunities. She was impassioned by my enthusiasm, and drove all over town to make sure I had every opportunity to hone and refine my crafts. 

Travel has been an increasingly important part of my life. When I was 16, I left the country for the first time, traveling with my sister to Ireland to trace our mother’s roots. And when I was 20, my mother lost her battle to lung cancer, and my heart was pulled to travel once again. I was studying Fine Art & Graphic Design at Lesley University, and saw a poster advertising a class trip to the middle of Guyana's Amazon rainforests. It was only a couple of months after my mom passed away, and my intuition was telling me to get on that plane. Travel and art is how I heal my heart and grow my soul.

The next year, I volunteered to work for the JDARC Haiti Foundation to capture images of their home for disadvantaged girls and their multiple deep-water well projects. That two-week trip still continues to color my perspective of the world on a large plane. 

After university, I followed a boy to Salem, Massachusetts and started a life of art and food there. I took my first shot at freelance design working from home. It was then that my chronic back pain came to a peak, I found out I have scoliosis in my lower back, and my Physical Therapist highly recommended that I not only get a standing desk, but get another job where I could walk and move and lift.

I started volunteering at the Northeast Animal Shelter, where I woke up early to scrub the kennels and walk the dogs. After a few months, I knew that getting a dog would help heal my physical pain and maybe mend my heart a bit. I had no idea how much that would become true! Enter: Coco, my trusted, furry companion. I researched dog behavior, trained her myself, and she has become an amazing dog that always reminds me to smile, and get out of the house as often as possible. Her huge amounts of energy drove me to hike longer trails, and the exercise helped not only my body, but kept my depression in check.

I also started working in the food industry (as many creatives do!) and fell in love with healthy and specialty foods. I've worked as a barista, cook, cheesemonger and buyer, demonstration specialist, and shift leader. This time of my life also sparked my deeper interest in yoga, because daily stretching is my key to less pain. But it's really the breathing pranayama practices and meditation that follow yoga asana that have helped me change my mindsets and remember to pay attention to my breath throughout the day. If you can control your breath, you can control your life. All of this physical work and amazing food changed my life forever!