Once We Saw

This is my Instagram feed from my travels. Just me and my dog Coco in our car camper conversion.

I love to experience life from the Other. Step out of my comfort zone and into someone else's shoes. So, I travel on a small budget, couchsurfing my way across America, ensuring that I get to meet people I would never have come across in my regular, day-to-day. I do some research, but mostly I listen closely to what the people hosting me like to do in their life, and set out to do just that.

When I was getting ready to quit my job to go on this trip, some people advised me that breaking the news to my family wouldn't be a big deal, just "call your mother," they would say. Call your mother to check in, she just needs to know you're safe, and then you can go about your adventurous ways. But, I lost my mom in 2009, so, I started to call her anyways, and I hit record on my phone. Many people have podcasts where they share their trips, this is my unique take on just that. Introducing: