Guyana, South America


Guyana is a magical place. The heart of the Amazon rainforest has so much life, both flora and fauna, including the amazing indigenous Amerindian people that live there. It is one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth! I feel absolutely privileged to have traveled to the interior of Guyana, to stay at different eco-tourism lodges, to support sustainable businesses in the region. The rain forests are historically taken advantage of, from the capture and export sales of the colorful parrots and birds, to the economic mismanagement of mining, farming, and logging.

But you can only sell a parrot once, whereas you can sell the chance to see a parrot in the wild over and over again! Guyana's eco-tourism is beginning to boom, and I focus here on not the struggles that Guyanese face, but the beauty of the country and its peoples as we fight together to keep the ecology of such a fragile place in check.


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